Memorial Room for the Victims of the Gestapo Vienna

An Exhibition by the Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance

Salztorgasse 6, 1010 Vienna | Free admission

Opening hours: by appointment | phone: +43-1-22 89 469/319

Guided tours (groups up to max. 15 persons): e-mail | phone: +43-1-22 89 469/319





Jubilant policemen (photo: DÖW)


Instrument of Nazi terror apparatus

Himmler on Heldenplatz (photo: DÖW)


Establishment of the Gestapo Vienna

Prisoner transport of April 1, 1938


Gestapo Headquarters Vienna

Gestapo employees


Gestapo Activities and Methods

Himmler in Mauthausen (photo: DÖW)


Persecution of Organized Resistance

"Company appeal", German Labor Front (photo: DÖW)


"They Took the Other Road" - Organized Resistance in Austria


Scaffold (photo: DÖW)


Final report of the Gestapo Headquarters Vienna


House search (photo: DÖW)


Käthe Leichter (photo: DÖW)


Robert Kurz (photo: DÖW)


Illegal postcard of the KPÖ, 1939


Rosa Grossmann (photo: DÖW)


Gestapo and the Persecution of Jews


Arrested Viennese Jews (photo: DÖW)


Adolf Eichmann (photo: DÖW)


Individual Oppositional Behavior

"Appeal" organized by the German Labor Front (photo: DÖW)


Foreign Forced Laborers

Camp for Polish prisoners of war/forced laborers


End of the Gestapo

Execution in Vienna, 1945





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