Photo collection

  • The DÖW photo collection presently comprises approximately 10,000 catalogue numbers with more than 40,000 pictures.

  • The collection pays particular attention to the period between the wars, resistance and persecution in Austria 1934-1945, resistance in Europe, Austrians in exile, World War I and World War II, concentration camps, the post-war era in Austria, right-wing extremism in Austria since 1945, memorial sites of resistance.

  • The photo collection is searchable by person and subject indexes. Approximately half of the collection can be electronically searched (ARCHIDOC program). Inquiries are possible by name, bearer, date of origin, keywords.

  • Reproductions from photo prints for scholarly works, newspaper and periodical illustrations, etc are available.

February 1934 (photo: DÖW)

"Anschluss" 1938 (photo: DÖW)

KZ Ebensee 1945 (photo: DÖW)



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