Catalog to the Permanent Exhibition

Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance




Brigitte Bailer-Galanda, Christa Mehany-Mitterrutzner, Christine Schindler


Vienna 2006


95 p., more than 100 photos

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DÖW’s new designed permanent exhibition was funded by the City of Vienna as a lasting contribution to the 2005 memorial year and was opened 2005. The catalog to the permanent exhibition on hand with a collection of exhibition texts presents a survey of resistance and persecution 1938-1945 as well as of the history leading up to the "Anschluss" and of the processing of the NS-era after 1945. Thus, the non-German speaking visitors have the opportunity to revisit the topics after having seen the exhibition.


The majority of authors are from the DÖW itself - they demonstrate the range and quality of research that is carried out here. In addition, experts close to the DÖW were called upon concerning special topics less studied at the DÖW such as resistance and persecution of the Carinthian Slovenes, the persecution of the Roma and Sinti, the homosexuals, the Mauthausen concentration camp, forced labor, but also the culture of remembrance after 1945. The chapter on the handling of NS-crimes after 1945 was worked on by the staff of the Austrian Research Center for Post-War Trials located at the DÖW.




Introductory Words
Heinz Fischer, Federal President of the Republic of Austria

Andreas Mailath-Pokorny, City Councillor for Cultural Aff airs and Science in Vienna

Brigitte Bailer-Galanda, Scientific Head of the DÖW

The NSDAP in Germany 1919-1938
Elisabeth Klamper

Austria 1918-1938
Elisabeth Klamper

The Annexation of Austria 1938
Elisabeth Klamper

Nazi Terror
Wolfgang Neugebauer / Heinz Arnberger

Persecution of the Austrian Jews
Elisabeth Klamper

Peter Schwarz

Deportations of the Austrian Jews
Gerhard Ungar

Wolfgang Neugebauer

The Carinthian Slovenes
Helena Verdel

Roma and Sinti - "Gypsies" in the Nazi Era
Gerhard Baumgartner / Florian Freund

The Persecution of Homosexual Men and Women
Niko Wahl

Ideology and Crime: On the Role of Medicine in National Socialism
Wolfgang Neugebauer / Peter Schwarz / Herwig Czech

Forced Labor
Florian Freund

Mauthausen Concentration Camp
Florian Freund

Austria and the Victims of National Socialism
Brigitte Bailer-Galanda

The Culture of Remembrance
Heidemarie Uhl

Denazification and the Punishment of Nazi Crimes in Austria
Eva Holpfer / Sabine Loitfellner / Claudia Kuretsidis-Haider / Susanne Uslu-Pauer / Winfried R. Garscha

Right-Wing Extremism
Wilhelm Lasek / Heribert Schiedel



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