1938 - 2008: Legacies and Lessons in post-war Austria

A lecture and discussion series, 2008/2009

Organised by the Austrian Embassy London, in co-operation with the Wiener Library and the Austrian Cultural Forum London.



November 1938 marked the first pogrom in Nazi Germany. On Austrian territory, incorporated into Germany eight months earlier, this so called "Reichskristallnacht" was at least as brutal as in the rest of the Third Reich. November 1938 triggered the beginning of the "Kindertransport" to Great Britain, which rescued thousands of Austrian Jewish children. Seventy years later, November 2008 has presented an important occasion for Austrians to confront the past and address some crucial questions:


  • Was and is this part of Austrian history appropriately researched and taught in Austria?
  • Were Austrian perpetrators punished?
  • Were victims acknowledged and was stolen property, including works of art, returned to their lawful owners?
  • Was there any noticeable resistance against the Nazi regime?
  • Is there still - or once more - Jewish life in Austria?


Over the last decade, important new research has been undertaken on Austrian history during the period 1938 - 1945 and the post-war era. This has included the topics of expropriation in Austria during the Nazi regime, restitution and compensation efforts after 1945, Austrian resistance groups and post-war justice for crimes committed during the regime. Through this series of public lectures, organised by the Austrian Embassy London, in co-operation with the Wiener Library and the Austrian Cultural Forum London, eminent Austrian scholars and experts have presented this new research and shed some light on the questions raised.












  • Thursday 25 June 2009
    New life on the "Mazzes Island"? Jewish life in Austria post 1945
    (Chief Rabbi Eisenberg didn'd have any notes, so his text is not available)

    Paul Chaim Eisenberg, Vienna
    (Chief Rabbi of the Vienna Jewish Community)






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